Around lunch time, you found that favored conference room of yours empty. You grab a seat, close the door, and proceed to review your notes for yet another upcoming exam while eating your sandwich. Suddenly, the door opens and one of your male classmates comes in. He nods a quick hello to you, closes the door, and sits at a nearby table. Now its just the two of you in the room, with the door closed. The Hadith of the Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings be upon him), runs through your mind, “Whenever a man is alone with a woman shaytan makes a third”. What should you do without seeming awkward?

I’ve been in this situation plenty of times, and what works for me is a simple dawah technique. Say hello to the guy, get up, and open the door. While opening it, just mention to the guy that in your religion its improper for a girl and a guy to be together alone. Since this is an institute of higher education, chances are this guy has dealt with Muslims in college, high school, or even work. 99% of the time they will ask you why it isn’t allowed in Islam, and the best response is to quote the Hadith to them. I’ll then add that if someone else enters the room, we can close the door. Believe me, they will seriously respect you and will remember it. One guy even stopped to ponder about the Hadith and told me that he never thought about it that way, yet it made perfect sense to him. SubhanAllah!

Any guy who has experienced this issue with me has learned to keep the door open after they walk in, without the need of me to even raise my head from my notes. Even better, you’re doing dawah without even trying! So next time you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t sit uncomfortably alone with him or gather your notes and move to another location. You’ve snagged that room and have the right to remain, just ask politely and you will gain something even better in return. Hey, you never know, you may even get a Shahadah 😉